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VW_tower4.JPGHaving provided Pathloss training over a decade, we have established a unique method to make learning the complicated program easier and more effective. We often hear people say hey wish they had joined the training earlier. As an RF or Microwave Transmission Engineer, you have three main design goals basically:
  1. Calculate link budget (meet availability objective)
  2. Define and optimize antenna heights (no reflection, no diffraction, multipath and K variation)
  3. Assign frequency channels and perform interference study (no interference)
Pathloss program helps you tackle the three goals and Telecom Training Center offers the well-established continuing professional development certificated training courses of Pathloss program and microwave transmission design/engineering. While we teach, we also provide complete suite of engineering design and peer review services for microwave radio system- Point to Point (PTP) and Point to Multipoint (PTMP) networks for any transmission requirements including mobile/cellular, Hydro, ISP, CAF etc.. Our goal is to contribute our expertise to the industry in the most economic and efficient way. We also develop customized software for your daily engineering calculations and reporting.Certifcated training courses include:
  • On-line or in classroom In-depth microwave transmission network design and complete certificated Pathloss 5.1 and Pathloss 6 training (PtP, PTMP and Interference analysis)--4 half days for any time zone or 3 full days EST
  • On-line  Pathloss 5.1 and Pathloss 6 crash course (tailored to your request)--Any half day of your choice for any time zone
  • On-line microwave radio equipment theory, system installation, monitoring and path troubleshooting training  (No Pathloss)--4 half days for any time zone
We deliver the courses:
  • On-Line real time via GoToMeeting;
  • In classroom in Montreal, Canada;Capture.JPG
  • and at customer's preferred location.

The courses have been running successfully for over 10 years, and are presented by leading experts in the field, drawn from academia, industry and service providers. We have served more than 150 companies across the world. Our mission is to provide world class telecom training, engineering design and consulting services, especially the course of the comprehensive microwave design program---PathLoss which has been recognized as the most popular microwave design tool in the world. Our recent main customers include:

Ontario Government, Ontario, Canada

Globalive Wireless (Wind Mobile), Canada website_picture.jpg
Altalink, Alberta, Canada
Prestige Telecom, Canada
DCC Network, Nigeria
NorthWestel, Canada
China Unicom, China
New Brunswick Power, Canada
Tennessee Valley Authority, USA
Mobily, Saudi Arabia
Wataniya Telecom, Maldives
ScienTel Wireless, USA
US Government, USA
Tempest Telecom, USA
Verizon Wireless, USA
Procomm Telecom, USA
Alcatel-Lucent, SA
Maritime Electric, PEI Canada
Redline Communications, Canada
BlueGrass Cellular, USA; Shell, Nigeria
Libyana Mobile, Libya; ExxonMobile, USA; Alltel, USA, Black and Veatch, USA; RFIP, USA, MCEL, Mozambique; DataDrill, Canada, YRP, Canada
INCM, Mozambique; Sentinel, USA; Fujitsu, USA; Ericsson; Ceragon, Africa; SMEPA,USA; Burns&McDonnell,
USA; Elbit Systems, Israel; Atlantic Tele-Networking Incorporated/Commnet Wireless USA; Champion Telenology USA; METCO, Kuwait;ResoluteEnergy; Tessco Tech;RYKAUAS;Irby Utilities and etc.



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