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Telecom Training Courses

We provide extensive technical training courses to enhance your professional development. Certifications are issued upon completion of each course. Our courses are offered in various manners including in our classroom, at your preferred location, or online.

The instructors combine 30+ years of experience both onsite and teaching for manufacture and operator companies around the world and are registered professional engineers. The training courses also serve as platforms for engineers to connect and share their experience in telecom network design.

Whether you are newly graduated or a senior engineer, we offer courses for everyone!

Please contact us for our course schedule, our prices, and our registration form.

This course is provided by our experienced instructors who are registered professional engineers. The Pathloss microwave design program has become widely used in microwave transmission engineering.

The detailed PTP and PTMP microwave transmission planning procedure and propagation theory will be explained in depth. The formulas behind the buttons will also be explained step-by-step during the 3 day hands-on practical class. Setting up the terrain data, the clutter data, and the radio and antenna files are important to start the program.

For the full course outline, please contact us! Offered both in-person and online.

An intense one-day course of Pathloss 5 to bring you up to speed. This crash course is tailored to your needs at your request.

Offered online only. Contact us to learn more!

No Pathloss program required. Offered both in-person and online. Contact us to learn more!

Engineering Services

We provide the complete suite of engineering design, peer review, system installation, test, commissioning, and project management (Complete Turn-Key) services.

  • Radio hardware and antenna equipment selection, recommendation to select correct components to meet with performance objectives.
  • Network topology review and recommendation to provide most robust and efficient design.
  • RF link budget, performance and end to end availability calculation.
  • Detailed path analysis which includes reflection, multipath, diffraction loss analysis, rain attenuation, and etc.
  • Proper antenna selection and analyzing link to select the optimal antenna heights and configuration for best link availability.
  • Radio equipment factory acceptance testing and pre-installation testing at customer location.
  • Frequency channel assignment and interference analysis.
  • We help run the interference analysis for the proposed microwave link against the existing microwave links through the MICS database with FCSA. The frequency coordination is done at this stage.
  • All application forms with government such as Industry Canada, Transportation Canada, Nav Canada, and etc. will be prepared and submitted by licensed professional engineers.

Complete End-to-End Services: EF&I (Engineer, Furnish, and Install) includes

  • Site Survey: In field review of customer location for suitability of equipment installation.
  • Path Survey: Line of sight verification and identify in path obstructions.
  • Radio and Antenna Equipment Installation on Towers and Rooftops: Civil engineering services including antenna installation and tower analysis services.
  • Other Equipment Installation: install rack and cable equipment.
  • Provision, commission and test the network.
  • System final acceptance test and report.


After installation we also provide

  • Integration if required to existing network.
  • Network, system, and RF performance analysis for existing issues.
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting assistance.
  • Network upgrade assistance.
  • Cost and time management is our strength after years of experience in the telecom industry developing projects. This includes system planning, equipment dimensioning and engineering, equipment orders and delivery, installation, acceptance test, training documentation, closing, and etc.


Pathloss software is developed in Canada and it is the most popular microwave system planning tool after two decades of field testimonials. We are proud to provide both Pathloss 5 and 6 software packages.

We also develop customized software to meet your daily engineering calculations and reporting requirements


A base station optimization tool selecting the minimum number of base stations to cover the most possible subscribers.


A base station and subscriber reporting tool to optimize the data rate capacity between BTS and CPEs.

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